Auto Wheel Repair

Making Your Auto Wheel Repair Quick and Convenient

Driven by our collective passion for automobiles and performance vehicles, at the Mag Wheel Doctor, we know what goes into precision workmanship. By understanding the fundamental aspects of the materials and equipment we work with, we can apply our knowledge and provide a better service. We make it a priority to deliver the fastest service possible without cutting corners, as the success of our projects depends on customer satisfaction. Instead of placing your trust in subpar services, have us take care of your auto wheel repair.

Why You Should Consider Our Wheel Refurbishment Services

Although you might not see it happening, your car’s wheels are in a constant battle against the road, potholes, kerbs, and obstacles, which gradually takes a toll on your rims and tyres. Unfortunately, it might only require one hard knock to damage your wheels to the point where it affects and compromises the comfort and safety of your vehicle. Among some of the reasons why you should consider repairing your wheels:

  • Ride quality. When accidentally hitting a pothole or kerb, the resulting impact can misshape your wheels, which creates an uneven surface on the rim. When driving with a misshapen rim, you might experience a noticeable rattle or consistent vibration that can impair tyre wear and vehicle handling, especially when you travel far and often.
  • Aesthetic appeal. We know you take pride in your vehicle’s appearance and that anything less than perfect is unacceptable. Because of the physical properties of metals and alloys, they degrade when forcefully grinding against foreign objects. The clash between rims and kerbs, for example, usually results in visible scratches, cracks, and dents.
  • Safety. People forget that the wheels on their car are responsible for keeping their vehicle on the road and supporting the weight of the entire vehicle and its occupants. When the rims are bent and imperfect, it can significantly affect the performance of your car. Do not leave anything to chance and let us take care of your buckled wheel repair.
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How We Approach Wheel Repair

At the Mag Wheel Doctor, we attempt to do things a little different, from providing outstanding customer service to resurfacing your wheels. We do not believe that our services end the moment we part ways with our customers, but rather that we offer our support whenever you need it. We are exceptional because of:

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  • Next-day turnaround times. Because most people are entirely reliant on their vehicles for transport and getting to work, we must complete our projects as fast as possible. We can get you back on the road by dealing with cracked wheel repairs with the right tools and techniques.
  • We have been able to keep the costs of our services low despite changes in the motor industry and plan on doing so for as long as possible. By keeping our service cost-effective, we can encourage more people to repair their wheels and maintain their vehicles, and more importantly, their families, safe.
  • Effective communication. We value communication with our customers to keep you updated on our progress with your wheels and because we love educating our clients on our processes, such as diamond-cut alloy wheels. When you better understand how we perform our duties, you gain an appreciation for our craft.

About Mag Wheel Doctor

By operating as a local business, we understand how our clients use their vehicles, how they envision the end product, and how we can manage a successful repair project. Because we deal with the entire reparation process ourselves, from assessing your vehicle’s specific problem to rebalancing and resurfacing your rims, we can provide an end-to-end service that requires no other third party. Very few companies can offer state of the art equipment in addition to teams of knowledge and friendly technicians, and for this reason, we can perform our jobs with prowess and pride.

Unless you enjoy driving a car that shakes the moment it starts moving, we implore you to reach out. Please feel free to contact us today for a thorough assessment and repair of your Alloy Wheels.