Mag Wheel Repairs

Bring Back the New With Mag Wheel Repairs

Mag wheels look great on your car, but when they become scratched, and the shine dulls, they’re more an eyesore. Did you know that it is possible to rejuvenate alloy wheels and even perform mag wheel repairs?

Mag wheels derive their name from using magnesium alloys during the 1960s for the rims of sports cars and+ racers. The use of magnesium has since mostly been replaced by aluminium, but the name stuck, and today almost any non-steel rim is called a mag or alloy wheel.

The benefits of using a magnesium or aluminium alloy instead of steel are that it creates a lighter rim with better heat dissipation properties. These two aspects directly benefit the vehicle’s handling: the more lightweight rims have less inertia. They prevent the over-expansion of the air inside the tyre due to heat generated by friction. However, these benefits come at the cost of a higher price per rim, which is why alloy wheel repair is an option.

Benefits of Mag Wheel Repair or Refurbishment

A common question is whether the repair or refurbishment of mag wheels are an option compared to outright replacement with a new set. If you’ve developed a desire for a new look on your ride, a new set of mags is the way to go. However, that still leaves you with the old set and the option of selling them – if they weren’t accepted as trade-ins.

  • Cost saving. A set of smart mag wheels comes at a reasonable price, quickly becoming a hefty price when looking at OEM rims. Replacing three good mags just because the fourth got a little bent is bad economy, and it is more sensible to have the damaged mag wheel repaired by a qualified repair shop. We will always provide you with a fair assessment of the cost of repair or refurbishment, which you can compare to the price of a replacement wheel for your vehicle.
  • Appearance. Mag wheels tend to acquire scratches and small dents due to the inevitability of driving your car out of the garage. Once the mag wheel has accumulated enough scars on the road, they generally look worn and tired. This will seriously mar the polished look of your car, even though most people don’t first look at the state of the rims. Machining out the scratches and repairing dents is an inexpensive procedure that’ll keep your wheel looking great and increase the resell value of the car. Similarly, before you sell that old set of mags, having them refurbished by us will allow for a higher asking price.

  • Safety. Rims take the punch of road hazards year in and year out – tyres and shock absorbers are regularly replaced, but rims remain. After a while, these minor indentations may create vibrations and weak areas in the rim, leading to cracking and catastrophic failures.

Services Offered By Mag Wheel Doctor

We offer the full house of mag repairs, including refurbishment and repainting services. All work is done by certified welding professionals, which is your assurance of both quality and safety when entrusting Mag Wheel Doctor with the repair of your rims in Dunedin, New Zealand.

mag wheel repairs
  • Repair of dented and buckled rims.Straight off, we may be wizards at repairing mag wheels, but we cannot do real magic: we, unfortunately, cannot fix a rim that a steamroller has run over. But we can certainly tackle anything before that state and provide an honest assessment of the safe outcome. We are engineers in the art of working with aluminium. We can successfully repair most mag wheels using the correct techniques that won’t compromise their structural integrity and your safety.
  • Repair and resurface of alloy wheels.We can resurface and repair mag wheels to showroom state using the latest CNC wheel lathe with diamond cutting tools. This process removes scratches, chips and kerbing, baked-in road grime and the patina that results from the natural oxidisation of the alloy. We have successfully refurbished mag wheels several decades old to keep the original look of the car.
  • Full repaint of rims. We perform alloy wheel repainting of any rims using applicable commercial paints suitable for the job. The wheels are correctly prepared for a lasting finish. We can then match the original colour as closely as possible or change the look completely using new colours. Our work is guaranteed to last, kerbside altercations excluded.
Allow us to make your old mag wheels look brand-new or have us repair a damaged rim at a considerable saving over purchasing new ones. Contact us for alloy wheel refurbishment or repair in Dunedin, NZ.