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It’s a workday, and you’ve missed your alarm, so now you’re running late. While trying to reach the office, you take a few detours and end up landing in a pothole. You immediately feel the impact, but you’re driving a sturdy vehicle, and there’s no apparent damage, so you keep driving. When you finally arrive, you realise that you’ve dented the rims of your car. Most drivers assume that it’s a problem they can wish away; however, dented rims can affect the functionality of your vehicle. For this reason, you need a professional rim repair service. Mag Wheel Doctor is a reputable name in the industry that can take care of all your rim needs, including rim curbing.

Signs That Indicate You Require Bent Rim Repair

In addition to the conventional operation of your vehicle, a damaged rim can affect the alignment and give you issues with your tyres. Before you drive from place to place, you should thoroughly inspect the vehicle for signs of damage, especially to the rims. If you come across any of these indicators, it’s best to visit your local rim repair shop.

  • One of the obvious signs of rim damage is the loss of pressure in your tyres. If you have extensive damage, it could flatten the tyres after a few hours. However, when the damage isn’t major, it could result in the slow release of air from your tyres. Additionally, if you have a pressure monitoring system on your car and it goes off randomly, it points to an issue with your rims.
  • If you’ve bent your front rims, you can feel it on your steering wheel. Damage to the rear wheels will make the car shaky and vibrate in your seats. It may be tough to identify whether the vibrations are a direct result of damage to the rims, but you should have a professional look at their condition to make sure.
  • With aluminium rims, you can spot dents with your naked eye. Simply take time out before you leave for a trip to look carefully. However, it’s possible to damage the inside of the rim, which is invisible to an untrained eye in most cases. During your service intervals, your mechanic should look at the condition of the rims and inform you of any damage. As a result, you can visit a proper shop to repair and fix scratched rims.
  • Slamming your car into a pothole won’t affect its braking ability, but if the rims’ damage is severe enough, it may result in your car pulling to one side when you apply brakes. You’d notice this sign when you need to brake in sudden situations. If you experience this issue, it’s a clear indicator that your rims require repairs.
  • Sometimes, damage to the rims is clear, but because of the presence of hubcaps (on steel wheels), it may be difficult to find. If you can, you should remove the caps to inspect the condition of the rims. Look for signs of damage and deformation, and if they’re present, a rim repair is what you need.
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Tips to Choose a Rim Repair Shop

Your car is a precious belonging, which is why you should always give it the best treatment. It safely transports you from one place to another, highlighting the need for experienced technicians to take care of its needs. Follow these tips to identify the ideal team to assist you with a wheel repair, amongst other services.

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  • Request referrals from your friends and family about the best rim repair shop in Dunedin and surrounding areas. If they’ve had a positive experience, you can trust their referral to enjoy the same level of service. Furthermore, you will understand what you can expect in terms of costs and quality.
  • When entrusting your car into the hands of rim technicians, they should have the knowledge and skills to perform the necessary repair without a hassle. You can ask the shop about the qualifications of their team since certification is something that a reputable operator will gladly disclose to you.
  • The cost of your repair will depend on the extent of the damage. Before you agree to hand over your car, request an approximate quotation from the shop to obtain an idea of the total cost of the work. It may include details of every step of action the shop takes to repair your rims. Consequently, you can prepare yourself to budget for the repairs instead of having a surprise at the end of the process.

About Mag Wheel Doctor

We are technicians in Dunedin with the proper qualifications and experience that can assist customers with repairs and can repaint rims. Our operation is an extension of our engineering organisation, so you can rest assured that you’re receiving high-quality workmanship.

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